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Absolutely, Cannabidiol (CBD) is not consider a control sustance in the UK, Any CBD oil that is produced using hemp plants is 100% legal to buy and consume in the UK.

No, CBD won’t get you high or cause any psychoactive effects.
THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid – the one that recreational users use to get “high”.

It is important to note that CBD does have a distinct flavour. No, it does not taste like marijuana but has otherwise been described as having a earthy taste. The higher the mg strenght, the more concerntrated the CBD flavour will be. This is why we have added organic flavours to our CBD Oil range to ensure high satisfaction for each individual customer. The flavours include in our range are, Peppermint, Lemon and Orange.

CBD comes in all different strengths: Low, Medium and High.
If your are new to CBD and a first timer we would recommend starting with the lower strength, start with one drop under the tongue, monitor it for a minimum of 7 days. Bear in mind everyone is different, some may take effect straight away, some may not. If it does not feel affective after 7 days, up the dose to two drops.

Tests show it will remain in the bloodstream for no more than eight hours.

To take oral drops sublingually (under the tongue):
  • Shake bottle well
  • Apply recommended dose
  • Leave under tounge for 20 seconds then swallow

Simple answer…Yes.

No, Our products contain 0.00% THC. Unless you’re taking full spectrum which contains THC.

When it comes to taking CBD with other medications, we only ever advise one thing, always check with a medical professional.
Always stick to the recommended dose too and if you are taking other meds keep a two hour window between taking CBD and whatever else you take.
Sadly, CBD doesn’t work for everybody. However, there are some things you can try if you are not experiencing the desired results.


-It’s important to ensure that you are buying legitimate cannabidiol products, ensure you are buying it from somewhere that has been third party lab tested, adn that they contain the stated amount of CBD.

-Increase the number of drops you are taking, you may need a higher strenght or dose.
Yes, you can put CBD into food and beverages.
We recommend not to put cbd into cooking, overheating the oil could also cause the cbd to lose it potential efficacy, so add it to food that’s already cooked.
CBD oils should be kept out of direct sunlight in airtight containers.
keep away from children.